Last weekend, Susan Boyle was just another unknown face in the shadows living alone with her cat - Today, she's a worldwide sensation, as a clip of her singing on the TV show Britain's Got Talent exploded onto the Youtube scene. Not only did Susan Boyle's amazing voice manage to win over the usually cranky American Idol judge Simon Cowell - She touched the hearts of millions everywhere. Susan Boyle's singing is truly a sound to behold.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Susan Boyle's CD "I Dreamed A Dream"

Susan Boyle's CD "I Dreamed A Dream" is now available to order. Order your copy now from Amazon!

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Susan Boyle News
is your place for up-to-the-minute news on the status of Susan Boyle's new CD album, "I Dreamed A Dream" due for release in the U.S. on November 24, 2009. If you'd like to be notified whenever we have new information on the release of her album, you can do so by following us on Twitter. We'll also remind you the day before release so you can be sure that you receive a copy when it's available before all of the CDs are sold out.

As far as what little we know about the upcoming Susan Boyle debut CD, Simon Cowell had this to say: "We're not going to throw out some souvenir album of show tunes which everyone expect[s]. We went through about 350 to 400 songs to choose from. She was blown away by some of the song choices...She's going to surprise a lot of people with this record." Sounds like it'll be really good!

Update: August 2009 - In recent news, Susan Boyle's CD album has been made available for pre-order through many online retailers and is already the current best-selling album just days after it's release. Read more about the sales of the Susan Boyle CD here.

Update: October 2009 - The full track listing of Susan Boyle's CD "I Dreamed A Dream" has just been released to the public. Here's the list of all the songs that will be on her album:

1. "Wild Horses"
2. "I Dreamed a Dream"
3. "Cry Me a River"
4. "How Great Thou Art"
5. "You'll See"
6. "Daydream Believer"
7. "Up to the Mountain"
8. "Amazing Grace"
9. "Who I Was Born to Be"
10. "Proud"
11. "The End of the World"
12. "Silent Night"

Update: The cover art of Susan Boyle's first CD was revealed today, October 14. Check out the cover of the album above.

Update: November 20th - "I Dreamed A Dream" is now on sale in select countries!

We'll be sure to keep you updated on any new developments about Susan Boyle's CD as the information becomes available.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Susan Boyle On The NBC Today Show Video July 22nd, 2009

Susan Boyle appeared on the NBC Today Show this morning in an interview with Meredith Viera. In the interview, Susan talked about her sudden rise to fame and how she's dealing with it, her mother, and her five-day stay in the Priory Mental Health Clinic for exhaustion. In case you missed it, here's the video:

She also discussed the Susan Boyle doll, and gave some teasing hints about her new album, saying that that there will be a few "surprises", but wasn't willing to share too many secrets about it, although we did learn that the record won't be all showtunes.

So, what did you think about this new Susan Boyle interview? Leave a comment and let us know!

Susan Boyle's CD Tops The Charts

Well, it's official - Susan Boyle's CD is the top-selling item on Amazon's bestsellers charts, just a day after being made available for pre-ordering. This isn't exactly surprising, but the fact that her album won't even be released for until November certainly is! The singer's debut album "I Dreamed a Dream" only just became available to people who wish to place an order early in order to ensure that they recieve their CD on the first day of release, and already Susan Boyle fans everywhere are making the singing sensation's new album fly off the shelves. If that's not impressibe enough, Susan Boyle's first album is currently outselling the new Whitney Houston and Beatles records - Put that into perspective!

If you haven't yet, you can click here to Reserve Your Copy Now Through Amazon! For UK residents, you may prefer to pre-order your copy from

This is a totally stunning feat for a woman who just a few months ago had never even been heard of outside of Scotland, especially when you keep in mind that the artists she's out-selling in the sales chart are some of the world's most popular music acts!

The singer's album "I Dreamed A Dream" won't be available in stores until November 23, but Amazon has been offering pre-orders to those fans who want to make sure they'll get their hands on a copy on launch day and don't want to fight the crowd's in stores through their online store.

One more interesting tidbit - We've just learned that Susan Boyle's album will feature a cover of Madonna's 1995 hit song "You'll See", as per Susan Boyle's own personal wishes. Apparently she's a huge fan of the music diva and really loves that song.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Susan Boyle On Tour: The O2 Center in Dublin!

Susan Boyle gave thousands of Irish spectators the time of their lives last night when she performed onstage at the O2 Center in Dublin.

It wasn't clear whether or not Susan Boyle would even end up appearing as she has had to skip a few of the "Britain's Got Talent" live concerts because of exhaustion, but she ended up surprising everyone in attendace and gave a great performance of the song that made her a star, "I Dreamed A Dream".

Susan Boyle To Give Cameo Appearance On ABC's Ugly Betty TV Show


News outlets are reporting that Susan Boyle will join the cast of the hit TV series Ugly Betty in a coming episode. While there's nothing set in stone as of this writing, it can at least be confirmed that Susan Boyle was definitely offered the job and is probably considering it.

The Scottish singer and reality TV star turned internet sensation was first contacted by US television bosses a month ago. The executives think that she will be perfect for the show, which follows the life of another hairy-eyebrowed but lovable wannabe in the fashion industry, Betty (played by America Ferrera).

Sources close to the star stated last night that "Susan has been bombarded with offers of work in America, but this is something she is really keen on and we hope to make happen," and that "She will definitely play herself."

Susan Boyle became an overnight star in the US earlier this year after her audition for the ITV1 talent show Britain's Got Talent, the video of which went viral on the internet. She was supposed to take a plane to America on a promotional tour after the finale of the show last month, but the plans were canceled after she suffered from a breakdown that landed her in the hospital.

The singer spent four days in the Priory clinic after coming in second place in the competition and collapsing with exhaustion. Since then she has missed a string of dates on the Britain's Got Talent tour while waiting to start recording her debut album.

It's unclear when the episode would air if Susan Boyle were to accept the Ugly Betty cameo role. Last night, Susan's spokeswoman told reporters that "Susan has many offers on the table. At the moment she is looking forward to recording her album."
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