Last weekend, Susan Boyle was just another unknown face in the shadows living alone with her cat - Today, she's a worldwide sensation, as a clip of her singing on the TV show Britain's Got Talent exploded onto the Youtube scene. Not only did Susan Boyle's amazing voice manage to win over the usually cranky American Idol judge Simon Cowell - She touched the hearts of millions everywhere. Susan Boyle's singing is truly a sound to behold.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Does Susan Boyle Wear Color Contact Lenses?!

Susan Boyle on Larry King Live

It's the question that everyone in the world is asking - "Does Susan Boyle wear color contact lenses?" It seems that no one can get a straight answer from Susan. As the owner of the Official Susan Boyle Fan Blog, I feel that it's my duty to get the skinny on this incredibly hot news story. So I did a little digging to uncover the answer to this burning question.

But first, I must tell you how funny it is that this story about whether Susan Boyle wears color contacts has become such an overwhelming sensation, and that I'm the person covering it. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a color contact lens freak. I can't get enough of them. I wear color contacts all day, everyday, and you never know what color eyes I will have the next time you see me. I literally have a collection of over 200 color contact lenses. I also happen to be the world's biggest fan of Susan Boyle. And now I get to combine my life's two greatest passions into one blog. Ironic, isn't it? (By the way, make sure you check out my awesome color contacts blog. It literally kicks ass.).

Now let me get to the point. I have spent countless hours trying to find the answer to the worldwide confusion over whether or not Susan Boyle wears color contacts. I have spoken to all of my most trusted sources (who shall remain nameless) and they were as perplexed as me. No one knew the answer. Apparently investigative journalism isn't always easy. It turns out that not even the President of The United States, Barack Obama, could figure this one out. Susan Boyle has denied all requests of reporters to answer this question. She has been extremely secretive about this, which is why everyone is now pulling their hair out trying to figure it out.

But luckily I had an advantage. I called Susan Boyle and got her to tell me whether or not she wears any type of cosmetic lenses, colored or otherwise. I can not tell you how I managed to get this answer, but I did. What Susan said will shock and astound you:

She said she doesn't wear color contacts.

The answer was truly disapointing to me as a extreme fan of both Susan Boyle and cosmetic lenses, but at least now we can all sleep at night as the mystery has been solved.

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