Last weekend, Susan Boyle was just another unknown face in the shadows living alone with her cat - Today, she's a worldwide sensation, as a clip of her singing on the TV show Britain's Got Talent exploded onto the Youtube scene. Not only did Susan Boyle's amazing voice manage to win over the usually cranky American Idol judge Simon Cowell - She touched the hearts of millions everywhere. Susan Boyle's singing is truly a sound to behold.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Susan Boyle On Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finals: Video

It looks like Susan Boyle has done it again - Her highly anticipated performance in the semi-finals of the Britain's Got Talent TV show aired last night, and hit Youtube moments later. In case you missed it, here's the video

This time Susan Boyle sang the song "Memory" from the Broadway musical Cats (perhaps as an ode to her cat, Pebbles?). After getting off to a shaky start, Susan soon pulled it together and came through with a powerful performance that wowed both the audience and judges once again. Expectations were high, and for the most part it seems Boyle delivered. If Susan makes it through this round of voting, she will go on to the finals of the competition where she will have to prove herself once again.

Although reviews are mixed, Susan Boyle definitely gave it her all and put all her heart into it. What did you think of her perfomance? Did you love it, hate it, or think it was just OK? Do you think she'll make it to the finals or even win the whole thing? Leave a comment and let the world know!

Here's hoping that Susan Boyle advances to the Finals and gets the chance to treat us all to her vocal talents once more. What song would you like her to sing? Leave a comment and I'll try to see if I can't pass it along to Susan.

The new Youtube video of Susan Boyle singing on the show has already become a smashing success, receiving over 300,000 views in less than 24 hours (and counting). Regardless of what you think of her latest performance, one thing's for certain - Susan Boyle is here to stay!


  1. Personally I was a bit disappointed with the performance. Susan sung well but it was a little too similar to her first appearance on the show. I'd like to see her surprise us all again...

    Oh, and as far as what I'd like her to sing for the finals, I think Andrea Bocelli's "Time To Say Goodbye" would be perfect for her voice as well as the occasion. Or maybe she could mix it up and sing some Nina Hagen or something!

  2. It will be hard for her to ever "beat" her first performance. The shock factor will never fully amount to what it did the first time around. I'm impressed by her song selection. Each performance the lyrics tell the story of her life. Critics all over have different views about her. But, to me she is an inspiration for all of us who closed our childhood dreams. People love her because she isn't perfect.

    P.S. Good for her getting a make-over. I consider myself an attractive person, but, if I ever become as big of a hit as she has, I will ALSO get some work done.

  3. Possibilities": "love Changes Everyone", "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings"; even "Oh Danny Boy" might work. Hope she stays home and takes care of that cold during the week; what a rotten break that that happened during the semis. What a precious human being she is!! BTW, I thought she looked wonderful- the "makeover" was subtle and suited her perfectly. I absolutely love her face- wish I could adopt her! LOL

  4. "Love Changes Everyone" might be a good choice. Hope she gets over that cold, soon- rotten break to have happen during semi's. What a wonderful face this delightful woman has. Makeover (in quotes" was perfect; subtle and suited her perfectly.

    If my uncle (Arthur Freed) were still alive and still producing movies, he would be going out of his way to find her a starring role.

  5. God Bless Susan for bringing a few moments of happiness to the world. We are all so caught up in the economic troubles we are all in and are in a bit of a depression. She sparks a light of hope and happiness in a dismal world. God Bless you Susan, I hope you take it all the way to the top. YOu have givien so selflessly of your life, and now it is your time to shine.

  6. My husband and I agree wholeheartedly with Anonymous above. The whole world seems to be in love with Susan and we are included. I can't say "thank you" enough to Susan for the breath of fresh air she has brought to all of us. Not only her fantastic singing, but her expressive and energetic personality as well. I love to watch her as much as listen to her - and can't stop listening to the replays. She looked great at the semi-finals, but I earnestly pray that she will not be pressured into changing too much. She's great just the way she is. It may be hard to beat her first song, but I think it can be done! How about, "The Wind Beneath My Wings", "Amazing Grace", "Don't Cry for Me Argentina"/Evita, "Bridge Over Troubled Waters", "Blue Bayou", "Unchained Melody", "O Sole Mio"/"It's Now or Never", "The Midnight Cry", "Ave Maria", or one of 3 selections from Ronstadt's Canciones de Mi Padre: "La Cigarra", "Rogaciano el Huapanguera", "La Charreada"... I guess that will do for starters :)! We look forward to buying her recordings! How about something spiritual in the works? Susan, don't hold back, don't be nervous, let 'er rip!! We are rooting for you here in Texas!

  7. Hopefully Susan will make it to the top. God bless you Susan. Be the best of what you are!!!!

  8. Anybody who is anybody has heard about Susan Boyle. It's just the way it is whether you're just two seconds old or 102 years old. It wasn't your choice---and definitely wasn't my choice---and why?

    Last week I decided to finally see what is the big deal with this ugly hag that Simon Cowell calls his next project---and what a project she is. I still remember vividly the videos I watched especially her audition for his show. What a spectacle! Her range was like any other opera singer (wide and strong) and she was ugly like any other opera singer that people know about (tell me if I'm wrong... I've just never seen a nice looking opera singer), but the only extraordinary thing about her was that she was not a joke that the producers schemed and she actually came on the show as if she was truly going to win.

    The crowd stood in amazement. However, it wasn't her vocals that caught everyone's attention, but this ugly cave woman looking lady stood on stage sounding like an angel... an angel that got annoying very easily. Everyone expected something like a hoarse scream of death similar to Danny Gokey's infamous "high note/scream" come forth from the woman's ugly throat. From that very moment, she became famous not for her angelic vocals... just... just for an ugly face.

    Now, this is no bash to the cave woman because I highly respect her as a vocalist. Her tone can be a model like Tyra Banks... but her face could have a show like Howard Stern.

    Well, now, think about it! Why was it such a big deal that Simon Cowell wanted to sign her? Well, it could've been her lack of emotion in her voice when she sings but I highly doubt it. All people talked about was this woman looked as if she were thrown out a trash can and put onto a stage... why would he waste money on her?!

    So I've come to this conclusion: Susan Boyle will have a very short and unhappy career, and she is only famous because she is ugly.

  9. am i the only one who is glad this show is over?? so sick of hearing about subo everday. i've written in depth about it here:

  10. Do you remember Princess Diana? Prehaps it was before your time- the media chased her down- and the car she was in crashed and killed her- that's exactly what the media is trying to do to Susan Boyle-death or destruction for a few euros!
    If anyone reading this has a shred of decency, I call upon you to Boycott the newspapers and tabloids- now.

  11. That'll be stupid! You'll ruin her career... by the media talking about her, she stays big!

    If people boycott that, the magazines will stop caring about her, and she'll be less known than Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken.

  12. Susan Boyle has learning difficulties, so what! She had the publics vote without pity and she did it on her own merit before her difficulties were known to the public. She has done something that most 'celebrities' cannot do in a lifetime. All she needs is the right people behind her. I wish her all the best and hopes she makes alot of money.

  13. How wonderful for Susan to have the chance to realize her simple dream--a job as a professional singer, with years of singing in small clubs, churches, on a few recordings and time with a vocal coach (a fellow named O'Neil, I think)as a foundation of experience. Once the aggressive, addictive tabloid press and overhyped "news" media die down some, Susan can go about her business with a good living as a singer. I believe the BGT producers, the British tabloids, Simon, Amanda and Piers and the fickle, electronic entertainment-addicted public in the UK and USA have learned a thing or two about kindness, respect and balance, even in realtiy TV and the music business.

    Susan didn't push this celebrity on herself--WE did. She wants a job doing what she loves--WE want the next media sensation. Those of us who do not fit this WE mold want Susan to enjoy her work within a circle of friends and family whom she can trust. May Simon Cowell learn from this and protect this shy, reclusive woman from here on out.

    As to the "hag" and "cavewoman" comments above, how sad that even now, in this "evolved" age, one person, male or female, can have such a sense of cruelty. How devastating that millions have the same sense. Here's hoping they wake up to common courtesy if nothing else.

    Go, Susan, Go!